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Session Title

Session titles are highly configurable. There are several concepts to understand:

Session Title

This is the label that is shown in split pane title bars (if present). By default the session title is also the tab title. You can override this default with Window > Edit Tab Title.

The session title may be composed of one or more built-in elements. Alternately, it may be provided by a Python script using the Session Title Provider facility.


A menu in Preferences > Profiles > General labeled Title allows you to select the elements that will appear in the session title. The first three options are mutually exclusive.

Session Name

The Session Name is initialized to the Profile Name when a new session is created. Various mechanisms may change it:

  • Changing the Session Name field in the General pane of the Edit Session dialog, opened from the menu item Session > Edit Session.
  • Activating a Set Title trigger.
  • Renaming the underlying profile, provided the session name hasn't been overridden by another mechanism (such as those described in this section).
  • Receiving a control sequence that updates the "icon title". These are OSC 0 and OSC 1.

The Session Name is stored in the autoNameFormat variable. It is an interpolated string. The evaluated value is stored in the autoName variable.

The titles set by control sequences get escaped so they cannot cause function invocations.

Profile Name

The Profile Name is the name of the underlying profile. The only way it can change is by renaming the profile.

Session & Profile Name

When this element is selected, the Profile Name is shown until the Session Name becomes different. Then, both are shown.


This is the name of the current foreground job.


This is the current user name. If you use Shell Integration this will update when sshing or sudoing.


This is the current host name. If you use Shell Integration this will update when sshing.


This is the current working directory. If you use Shell Integration this will update when sshing.


This is the name of the tty device assigned to this session.

Session Title Providers

When a Python script that provides a session title is running, its offerings will appear at the bottom of the Session Title menu. The script must remain running for the session title to be kept up to date. When the script is not running the title will be an ellipsis.