JSON Pretty Printer Status Bar ComponentΒΆ

This script demonstrates a status bar component that can get the selected text, define an on-click handler, and open a popover showing HTML.

See Status Bar Component for instructions on installing a custom status bar component.

import iterm2
import json

def tohtml(text):
    return "<pre>" + text.replace("&", "&amp;").replace("<", "&lt;") + "</pre>"

def prettyprint(text):
        root = json.loads(text)
    except json.decoder.JSONDecodeError as e:
        return "Invalid JSON: {}".format(e)
    return json.dumps(root, sort_keys=True, indent=4)

async def main(connection):
    app=await iterm2.async_get_app(connection)

    # Set the click handler
    async def onclick(session_id):
        session = app.get_session_by_id(session_id)
        selection = await session.async_get_selection()
        selectedText = await session.async_get_selection_text(selection)
        await component.async_open_popover(session_id, tohtml(prettyprint(selectedText)), iterm2.util.Size(600, 600))

    # Define the configuration knobs:
    vl = "json_pretty_printer"
    knobs = [iterm2.CheckboxKnob("JSON Pretty Printer", False, vl)]
    component = iterm2.StatusBarComponent(
        short_description="JSON Pretty Printer",
        detailed_description="Select JSON in the terminal, then click this status bar component to see it nicely formatted.",
        exemplar="{ JSON }",

    # This function gets called whenever any of the paths named in defaults (below) changes
    # or its configuration changes.
    async def coro(knobs):
        return ["{ JSON }"]

    # Register the component.
    await component.async_register(connection, coro, onclick=onclick)