Show Status Bar Only in Full Screen Windows

This script automatically shows or hides the status bar depending on the window’s style. Full screen windows get a status bar, and regular windows do not. It demonstrates a few concepts:

  • Watching for window style changes.

  • Performing an action on all windows, including those not yet created.

  • Using asyncio to run multiple tasks concurrently.

  • Changing a profile setting in a session without updating the underlying profile.

#!/usr/bin/env python3.7

import asyncio
import iterm2

async def main(connection):
    app = await iterm2.async_get_app(connection)

    async def set_show_status_bar(w, show):
        """Show or hide the status bar for one window by updating the profiles
        of all sessions in that window."""
        change = iterm2.LocalWriteOnlyProfile()
        tasks = []
        for tab in w.tabs:
            for session in tab.sessions:
        await asyncio.gather(*tasks)

    async def update():
        """Update whether the status bar is shown for all sessions in all windows."""
        tasks = []
        for w in app.terminal_windows:
            style = await w.async_get_variable("style")
            if style == "non-native full screen" or style == "native full screen":
                tasks.append(set_show_status_bar(w, True))
                tasks.append(set_show_status_bar(w, False))
        if tasks:
            await asyncio.gather(*tasks)

    async def watch_for_style_changes():
        """A task that calls `update` when a window's style changes."""
        async with iterm2.VariableMonitor(connection, iterm2.VariableScopes.WINDOW, "style", "all") as mon:
            while True:
                theme = await mon.async_get()
                await update()

    async def watch_for_layout_changes():
        """A task that calls `update` when the layout changes (new window
        created, session moves from one window to another, etc.)"""
        async with iterm2.LayoutChangeMonitor(connection) as mon:
            while True:
                await mon.async_get()
                await update()

    # Set status bars for existing windows
    await update()

    # Monitor changes to styles in windows.

    # Monitor for new windows or sessions moving from one window to another.