Color Presets

Provides access to color presets.

class ColorPreset(proto)

A color preset is a named collection of colors attached to terminal attributes (e.g., default background color).

static async_get(connection: iterm2.connection.Connection, name: str) → Union[None, iterm2.colorpresets.ColorPreset]

Fetches a color preset with the given name.

  • connection (Connection) – The connection to iTerm2.

  • name (str) – The name of the preset to fetch.


Either a new preset or None.

static async_get_list(connection: iterm2.connection.Connection) → List[str]

Fetches a list of color presets.


connection (Connection) – An Connection.


Names of the color presets.

See also

property values

Returns a list of color settings.


The colors belonging to the preset.

class Color(r, g, b, a, color_space, key)

Derives from Color.

Note this is is an inner class of ColorPreset.

property key

Describes which property this color affects.

class ListPresetsException

Something went wrong listing presets.

class GetPresetException

Something went wrong fetching a color preset.

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