Provides interfaces for managing input broadcasting.

class BroadcastDomain

Broadcast domains describe how keyboard input is broadcast.

A user typing in a session belonging to one broadcast domain will result in those keystrokes being sent to all sessions in that domain.

Broadcast domains are disjoint.

See also

Example “Enable Broadcasting Input

add_session(session: iterm2.session.Session)

Adds a session to the broadcast domain.


session (Session) – The session to add.

property sessions: List[iterm2.session.Session]

Returns the list of sessions belonging to a broadcast domain.


The sessions belonging to the broadcast domain.

async async_set_broadcast_domains(connection: iterm2.connection.Connection, broadcast_domains: List[iterm2.broadcast.BroadcastDomain])

Sets the current set of broadcast domains.

  • connection (Connection) – The connection to iTerm2.

  • broadcast_domains – The new collection of broadcast domains.

See also

Example “Enable Broadcasting Input

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