iTerm2 Version 3 Stable Released

Sunnyvale, CA—July 4, 2016

After eighteen months of development and a four month beta period, the third major version of iTerm2 has been released. Read the full announcement here.

Get it from the Downloads page in the "Stable Releases" section.

iTerm2 2.0 Released

Sunnyvale, CA—July 14, 2014

After three years of development, the second major version of iTerm2 has been released. It adds dozens of new features, countless bug fixes, and smells April fresh. Here are just a few of the new features you'll find:

  • Deep tmux integration. iTerm2 can speak directly to tmux and display its virtual windows as native windows or tabs, making tmux much easier to navigate.

  • A toolbelt has been added. The toolbelt a drawer that opens to the right of a window and shows running jobs, paste history, a field for taking notes, and facilitates opening new sessions.

  • iTerm2 now supports triggers. A trigger defines an action that is performed when text matching a regular expression is received. For example, it can highlight errors in red, bounce the dock icon when a build finishes, or respond to prompts for you automatically.

  • Literally dozens of new preferences let you customize every aspect of your terminal.

  • New proprietary escape sequences integrate terminal apps, allowing you to change a session's profile automatically, manipulate the pasteboard remotely, bounce the dock icon, and much more.

For a full list of changes, please see the change log. Downloads are available at the Downloads page.